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    StarkNet Faucet: How can I get a Goerli-2 eth faucet tokens (StarkNet)?


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    This question has a bounty of $0.00 in testnet ETH. Answers to this question are eligible to win that bounty.

    These are testnet contracts. Not real ETH.


    1. Can anyone explain how to get Goerli ETH tokens?

    2. Also want to know how to bridge tokens from the Goerli ETH testnet and move them to Goerli2 (StarkNet)?

    thank's for your answers, summing up how to transfer funds and how to use Faucet on Ethereum:

    1. For receiving ETH on Goerli Test Net, I used Goerli PoW Faucet. As an alternative, can be used, but it is required to authorize.

    2. I installed ArgentX using the links below and transferred funds using the HashStack service for StarkNet




    2 months ago

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    Accepted answer

    How to install Goerli 2

    1. Installing Argent X

    Download and install Argent X 4.8.8 (Not available on chrome store yet)

    • Open the Extension Management page by navigating to chrome://extensions.
    • Enable Developer Mode by clicking the toggle switch next to Developer mode.
    • Click the Load unpacked button and select the extension directory.

    2. Add Testnet 2 to Argent X

    • In Argent X go to Settings -> Manage networks -> “+” and enter these fields:
      • Network name: Goerli 2
      • Chain ID: SN_GOERLI
      • Base URL:
    • Choose in the network selector Goerli 2 selector
    • Click on “Add token“ and enter:

    3. Get some GöETH

    4. Topup ETH from Goerli

    Right now there is no UI interface for that. However, you can send GöETH through the bridge using the bridge contract for Starknet Testnet 2:

    • Go to Proxy contract
    • Connect the wallet by clicking "Connect to Web3" connect web3
    • Open "3. deposit" contract
      • Enter the amount. i.e. 0.1 GöETH
      • Enter your Goerli 2 address

    example transfer test tokens

    5. Check your balance on ArgentX

    balance argent x

    6. Some additional resources:

    • Detailed instruction is based on Argent X Guide Ethereum has multiple testnets and now StarkNet does too. Here’s the info on the newly-born testnet on Goerli:
    • Cairo Gang group for questions about StarkNet:
    • URL:
    • L1 Core contract - 0xa4eD3aD27c294565cB0DCc993BDdCC75432D498c
    • L1 ETH bridge - 0xaea4513378eb6023cf9ce730a26255d0e3f075b9 (no faucet right now)



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    answering to this message

    starkgate is not supporting Goerli-2 yet, well it supports Goerli-1, but they are not same



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